Process Analysis and Optimization

The process analysis uses the unique know-how of Business First Consulting GmbH, which is supported by specially developed analysis tools and mechanisms.

This know-how has been gathered in numerous post-merger integration projects and includes not only pure process analysis but also complete process migration and comprehensive change management.

The analysis systems used represent a very efficient recording of the local process and system landscape and determine the degree of maturity, the existing degree of automation and any potential for optimization. Based on these analysis results, classic optimization projects can be developed and jointly implemented.

The benefit for the customer in process optimization is to receive support in the commercial area in difficult phases, which is also able to identify and implement optimization potential in existing systems and processes as well as changes in their own, far beyond the operational area, in order to move the organization forward efficiently and successfully.

Such phases are, e.g.:

  •     personelle Instabilität
  •     Restrukturierung
  •     Integration der neuen Geschäftsbereiche
  •     operative oder strategische Neuausrichtung
  •     erhebliche Veränderungen des Geschäftsvolumens

In this way, considerable time and thus cost advantages can be realized in critical phases.

Years experience
Commercial processes covered

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